Watch where you fuel during the rainy season

With the ongoing heavy rainfall across the country, flooding has become rampant.  

Unfortunately, fuel stations have not been spared. Almost all fuel stations in the country store their petroleum products underground, making their products vulnerable to contamination as a result of the heavy rains and flooding.

Some motorists have already reported cases of contaminated fuel mixed with water in their vehicles’ systems. This can be a costly affair for car owners who may end up spending a fortune repairing their vehicles or replacing the entire fuel system.  

As a motorist, it’s essential to watch out where you fuel and avoid petrol stations that have been submerged. It’s better to be safe than sorry as contaminated fuel can result in costly repairs and replacements.

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To address this issue, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has issued a public notice cautioning retail station owners to ensure the safety and quality of their petroleum products. 

“The presence of water in storage tanks affects the quality of petroleum products, potentially causing vehicle breakdowns,” EPRA cautioned.

They have directed that any retail petrol station that has been flooded should remain temporarily closed and monitored. The fuel stations should assess the extent of the flooding, clean up any debris, and guarantee the quality of their products before resuming operations.   

Furthermore, retail station owners should anticipate any potential environmental impact of the flooding and take appropriate measures to mitigate it. Based on the severity of the flooding, the retail stations are directed to communicate with relevant government authorities or regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with any necessary protocols or regulations. 

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To guarantee your safety and that of your vehicle, it’s advisable to fuel at petrol stations that have not been affected by the floods.

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  1. Thank you for this amazing blog ,it encourages one to take precautions while driving when it is raining and it gives one confidence to drive comfortably nomatter the situation.

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