AA Kenya donates books to boost Road Safety

By Timothy Ongaya

AA Kenya, in partnership with the Lions Club International donated books to the Traffic Police officers at the Traffic Police Headquarters in Nairobi, for school libraries. The initiative aims to equip traffic police officers with resources to further their efforts in promoting road safety among school children.

The significance of this donation lies in the crucial role that traffic police officers play in educating the public, especially young students, about road safety. These officers frequently visit schools to engage students in discussions about the importance of safe road practices. With the addition of these books, the officers now have valuable tools to enhance their presentations and engage with students more effectively.

Unlike drivers and riders who undergo training programs and certification before being allowed on the road, pedestrians are left vulnerable without the same level of preparation. This glaring discrepancy in road safety education demands attention. By instilling fundamental road safety principles in children from a young age, there is an opportunity to bridge the gap and significantly reduce the occurrence of pedestrian accidents. It is a proactive step towards creating a safer environment for all road users, ensuring that future generations are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate our roads responsibly.

The books were graciously received by Traffic Police Commandant Mary Omari, alongside other officers at the Traffic headquarters. Their dedication to promoting road safety and educating the public is commendable, and this donation further underscores their commitment to this important cause.

The event was graced by NTSA Chairman Dr. Manoj Shah, AA Kenya’s Vice President Samuel Gachoka, Director of Mobility Services, Timothy Keli and President of Lions Club of Nairobi Greater, Bela Shah among others.

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