How to apply for a duplicate Logbook in Kenya


A motor vehicle owner is required to apply for duplicate registration certificate if the original logbook is lost or defaced.


  • Police Abstract
  • Sworn Affidavit
  • Tape lift Report

The client is required to,

  • Login into E-citizen account
  • Select NTSA service portal (New)
  • Click on motor vehicle services, select vehicle and click view
  • Go to duplicate logbook,
  • Select reason for duplicate logbook (lost/defaced)
  • Attach the required documents in PDF format
  • Select logbook counter collection office
  • Enter details of authorized person to collect, then click search
  • Scroll down and tick the declaration box then click preview
  • Then submit to pay for duplicate logbook and click complete

Charges:          Ksh. 2,550

Timeline:          3 working days

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