Rethinking travelling with AA Kenya Tours and Travel

By Elizabeth Ngigi

Travel is no longer just a recreational activity in modern life. Travellers have the opportunity to meet and network with people from various backgrounds. Hodophiles, or people who enjoy travelling, are exposed to new places and cultures.

Traveling also allows you to meet business people from other countries and learn about different business opportunities in those countries.

As a result, whenever people travel, they add to their resource banks. Travel enthusiasts are not motivated by the cost of their trips, but rather by the valuable knowledge they gain from them.

Travel has also become more affordable as a result of the increased experience of travel planners who look for good budget-friendly destinations.

ICT has also had a significant impact on travel. You can now check availability and book a hotel or flight ticket with the click of a button.

The AA Kenya Tours and Travel department creates memorable experiences for travellers. We understand the importance of personal relationships with our clients. We not only book you to a destination, but we also make sure that your trip is fulfilling.

We achieve this by engaging you more so that we can understand and address your trip expectations. Our experienced consultants can advise you on Visa and passport requirements, policies that may apply to you in the destination country, and any other requirements for a specific trip.

We have partnered with hotels, airlines, and other organizations to provide our customers with seamless travel and vacation experiences. Allow us to assist you in ‘creating memories through travel’!

Elizabeth is the AA Kenya Tours & Travel Coordinator

Tel: 0799 688 027
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