Why Motorists should be careful near schools or children’s playgrounds

By Sarah Wairimu

Motorists are always on the road. There are vehicles on the road all day and night. Motorists and pedestrians share the road and that calls for caution, especially in densely populated areas and near schools.

As a student, I have witnessed cases of road crashes involving school children.

I urge motorists to exercise caution near schools or children’s playgrounds.

It is important for motorists to observe the following safety rules; reduce the speed of the vehicle to avoid hitting children; and always stop to allow children to cross the road, especially at designated crossing areas.

Additionally, motorists should always be cautious when reversing inside schools. Some children are playful and may not take note of reversing vehicles.

It is a big loss to the community to have a child injured inside a school. Parents become traumatised while the student may be forced to miss school to recuperate. Let us all make schools free from road crashes.

Wairimu is a student at St. James Academy – Kiambu

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