AA Kenya’s participation in the Kenya Music festivals to foster a culture of Road Safety

By Riapius Magoma

AA Kenya is taking the message of Road Safety a notch higher this year by taking part in the Kenya Music Festivals, where students will sing songs and recite poems that raise awareness about road safety. This initiative aims to instill a culture of road safety from a young age so that they grow up with safety in mind.

Through this initiative, students have the opportunity to be Road Safety Ambassadors by joining the AA Junior Membership; where they will receive Road Safety training, among other benefits to be equipped on how to be road safe.

According to reports by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), pedestrians recorded the highest number of fatalities in road accidents that have occurred since the year started. With the minimum age to be allowed to drive in Kenya set at 18, most students are pedestrians at one point or the other. By instilling a road safety culture from a young age, AA aims to change this narrative as the students grow with a road safety culture instilled in them.

Since 1919, AA Kenya has played a leading role in shaping the nation’s transport landscape. AA has been educating the public on road safety, focusing on schools with initiatives like the “I See You” campaign and “Safe Walk to School” programs.

AA Kenya’s Junior Membership takes this mission to the next level by promoting road safety through captivating performances at music festivals. With a thematic focus on “Championing Road Safety in Kenya,” the trainers are composing songs and poems that advocate for safe road practices.

The compositions highlight the importance of road safety, serving as a rallying cry for a safer tomorrow.

This message extends beyond the festival stage, with parents, teachers, and students encouraged to embrace a culture of road safety.

Enrolling in AA Kenya’s Junior Membership means becoming part of a collective effort to create safer roads for all. AA inspires the young generation to become advocates for safe road practices, helping to ensure that they grow into responsible road users.

The categories in the music festival that will be promoting Road Safety are:

English Poem: 2033H primary, 2033K Secondary

Music Set piece: 259 primary, 459 Secondary, and 859 University

Kiswahili: 2133H Primary and 2133K Secondary

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