AA Kenya, NTSA & partners join forces to plant trees and promote Road Safety

AA Kenya, together with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and a consortium of partners including Kingsway Tyres, St. Johns Ambulance, and Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital engaged in a tree planting exercise at Thiba Dam in Kirinyaga County. 

This is part of the partners’ initiative to support the Government’s strategy to increase forest cover and mitigate the effects of climate change. 

During the exercise, 32,000 trees were planted, making a significant contribution to the initiative. 

The exercise is also an opportunity to secure Kenya’s food sources, as stated by the AA Kenya GMD. The construction of This dam ensured that rice farmers received a steady supply of water for irrigation. As a result, the rice farmers doubled their crop production meaning more food on the table and ultimately, food security. 

The County Government of Kirinyaga, whose officials were present during the exercise, provided the land where the trees were planted. 

After the exercise, the partners proceeded to the Usalama Barabarani Medical Camp at Kamiigua Polytechnic, where they conducted a comprehensive safety training and sensitization session for Public Service Vehicle drivers, school bus drivers, and riders from Kirinyaga.

NTSA Director General George Njao, NTSA Chairman Dr. Manoj Shah, AA Kenya GMD Francis Theuri, Director of Mobility Services, Timothy Keli, look on as the Drivers and Riders receive a refresher Model Town Board training and Safety sensitization by Peter Kago of AA Kenya.

The AA Training Institute conducted the safety training, equipping the drivers with essential knowledge and skills necessary for ensuring their safety and that of their passengers. St. John’s Ambulance provided instruction on first aid techniques, empowering drivers to administer immediate assistance in case of medical emergencies onboard. In addition to the training, the drivers underwent thorough medical examinations, including tests for blood sugar levels, eyesight, and blood pressure. These assessments were crucial for ensuring the overall wellness of the drivers and guaranteeing their fitness to operate vehicles safely, especially when entrusted with the responsibility of transporting the public. 

NTSA emphasized the significance of assessing the medical and mental capabilities of drivers in ensuring optimal road safety standards.

Both events were successful in their goals of promoting Road Safety and caring for the environment. By planting trees and ensuring drivers’ wellness, AA Kenya and its partners are investing in a safer, greener, and healthier future for all.

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