AA Kenya conducts a Road Safety training for long-distance PSV drivers

By Timothy A Ongaya

PSV (Public Service Vehicle) drivers for long-distance travel in Kenya were treated to a special Road Safety and Sensitization training by AA Kenya. This comes in the wake of a string of road mishaps, with reports of incidents cropping up daily. With the Easter holidays fast approaching and the Safari rally happening on the same weekend, the training couldn’t have come at a better time considering the surge in travel activity during this period.

The training which was attended by drivers from Easy Coach, The Guardian Coach, and Galaxy Shuttle was conducted by Nickson Njambere from the AA Institute. It covered a spectrum of road safety essentials tailored specifically for long-distance PSV drivers. Covering topics ranging from the fundamentals of road safety to defensive driving techniques, the session delved into critical aspects such as driver attitudes, getting enough rest in between journeys, accident statistics, and adherence to traffic regulations.

One of the key takeaways from the training was the emphasis on situational awareness, enlightening drivers on how to navigate through various road conditions effectively. They also received insights into new road signs, layouts, and markings, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to handle these changes confidently.

The training wasn’t just a one-way street; it provided an interactive segment for the drivers to share their experiences and discuss common issues encountered on the roads. They raised issues such as road rage, the use of full beams at night and being mindful of passengers & other road users. They collectively agreed that road safety is a shared responsibility and they were happy to promote road safety.

The Drivers also issued a message to KeNHA, urging them to mark new roads. Since they frequent the same routes, erecting new bumps without signages poses danger, as they drive on the road knowing there are no bumps only to be ambushed by unmarked new bumps. This could lead to road carnages.

Reuben, the seasoned driver from EasyCoach with over 40 years experience

Among the seasoned drivers offering invaluable counsel was Reuben from Easy Coach, boasting an illustrious four-decade-long tenure behind the wheel without a single accident. Advocating against substance abuse, reckless driving attitudes, and behaviours compromising safety, Reuben’s wisdom resonated deeply with his peers and younger counterparts alike.

The Driver’s were awarded certificates after the training.

Expressing appreciation for the training, drivers urged AA Kenya to sustain such initiatives, recognizing their role in keeping them abreast of evolving road safety protocols. The consensus among participants underscored the significance of continuous learning and reinforcement of best practices to foster a culture of safety on the roads.

As the Easter weekend approaches, characterized by heightened traffic volumes exacerbated by events like the Safari Rally, the imperative for heightened vigilance cannot be overstated. Through concerted efforts such as these training sessions, stakeholders aim to instill a heightened sense of responsibility among drivers, ultimately striving for safer roads for all.

With drivers empowered with newfound knowledge and a collective resolve to prioritize safety, the road ahead holds promise for a brighter, safer future for all traversing Kenya’s thoroughfares.

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  1. Do we have to wait for accidents to happen to call such sensitisation initiatives?
    Are we really serious?
    Why are we a reactive nation?
    This ought to be a continuous daily process.
    Am ashamed of being a kenyan

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