KeNHA provides alternative routes ahead of the rally

By Timothy Albrite

The Naivasha 2024 rally is finally here. With the rally coinciding with the Easter weekend, it is expected that there will be a surge in traffic as there will be many motorists on the road.

That means one thing, traffic . The once open roads become choked with a sea of vehicles. Frustration mounts among travellers as they find themselves ensnared in a seemingly endless procession of cars, trucks and buses.

Well, KeNHA has decided to come to the rescue by providing alternative routes for use by motorists heading to the rally or travelling to various destinations in the using the Naivasha highway.

KeNHA has provided the following alternative routes.

  1. The scenic route

Nairobi- Rironi- Flyover (Magumu)- Njabini- Ol Kalou- Ol Joro Orok- Lanet

  1. The adventure route

Nairobi- Rironi- Naivasha- Engineer- Ol Kalou- Ol Joro Orok- Lanet

  1. The Thika Trail

Nairobi-Thika- Magumu- Ol Kalou- Ol Joro Orok- Lanet

  1. The Suswa shortcut (Recommended for 4 by 4 vehicles)

Nairobi- Ngong town- Kibiko- Suswa

Watch out for the gravel stretch

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