AA Kenya celebrates 60 years of training drivers

This year the Automobile Association of Kenya marks 60 years of quality training for drivers in the country – the first driving school to celebrate a golden jubilee. 

For 60 years, AA Kenya, the pioneer driving school in Kenya, has trained drivers and exhibited excellence in the issuance of international driving permits and Carnet de Passage (car passport). 

Founded in 1962, the school has 35 branches spread across 21 counties in Kenya. Leveraging on this experience, AA Kenya Driving School is a household name in motoring. 

It is recognized and trusted by the government, international organisations and the corporate private sector. 

Individuals, too, trust the training. As the pioneer driving school, AA Kenya commenced operations in an environment lacking -what is accepted as basic infrastructure including a training curriculum; trained personnel; road network; vehicle maintenance experts; and even an advanced communication network. 

The school organized motoring in Kenya backed by the existence of the Automobile Association of Kenya earlier founded in 1919 by Lionel Douglas Galton Fenzi. The Association, then called the Royal East Africa Automobile Association, was headed by then Governor of Kenya, Sir Edward Northey. 

In this context, and based on a mandate to promote road safety, AA Kenya driving school commenced operations in an effort to organize motoring and promote road safety. Drivers at the time were not licensed. AA Kenya came to address this gap. 

Today, the school, besides training drivers, remains a road safety champion. AA Kenya equips learners with road safety skills. 

Learners are equipped with skills to remain alert on the road, first aid skills, and basic mechanics. All these skills are meant to make drivers remain safe on the road. In addition, we conduct road safety awareness campaigns countrywide as part of the school’s social corporate responsibility. Among our milestones include the automation of student enrollment. 

A student can register by dialling *650# on their mobile phones. They can also register online at https://edereva.aakenya.co.ke, or by visiting a branch. 

The AA Kenya Driving School also offers online learning for theory classes. Students can gauge their understanding of the theory classes by taking a test on AA Kenya The Drivers Test App, available for Android and Apple mobile phones. 

Our quality drivers’ training has made us a household name – an industry benchmark in training. As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, it is important to reflect on our journey over the decades. 

Today the school has a contemporary training infrastructure. Part of this is a premier driving school wing that gives students executive training experience. The school was established to address a growing category of clients who want to exclusive and customized training schedule. 

The Premier Driving classes are located at select branches. To mark our 60th anniversary, AA Kenya is currently running a promotion for learners driving courses. We will sponsor 12 students for a full driving course at AA Kenya. 

These students will be randomly selected from prospective students visiting our branches to make enquiries about the course. Some students have received the sponsorship. 

But above all, we want all our students to get quality training that encapsulates every aspect of driving. As we forge into the future, we will continue training our students to be road safety ambassadors.


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