Roam unveils Kenya’s first locally assembled electric shuttle bus

In a move towards a more sustainable future for urban transit in Kenya, Roam, an electric vehicle dealer, has unveiled the Roam Move, the first all-electric shuttle bus designed and assembled in Kenya. This positions Roam as the pioneer in Kenyan company to introduce a locally manufactured electric bus, signifying the Kenya’s dedication to sustainable public transportation powered by electricity.

The Roam Move, a zero-emission bus, emerges as a model of high performance and innovative design. At the heart of this electric vehicle lies a 170 kWh battery pack, capable of covering 200 kilometers on a single charge.

This range is meant to ensure that operators have uninterrupted service throughout the day, perfectly catering to the demands of urban commuters. Equally striking is its swift plug-in battery charging system that fully charges the bus in less than two hours.

Dennis Wakaba, Roam’s Country Sales Executive, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce ‘The Roam Move,’ Kenya’s very own electric shuttle bus. This achievement aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering sustainable transportation solutions that make a positive impact on our environment and our communities. The launch of this electric shuttle bus represents not only a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability but also a testament to the talent and potential within Kenya’s manufacturing industry.”

According to Roam, one of the most compelling aspects of the Roam Move is its economic efficiency. Operating costs are slashed by 50%, attributed to its exemption from the expensive maintenance associated with traditional combustion-engine buses. The streamlined construction, with fewer moving parts, significantly minimizes downtimes, culminating in substantial savings of up to KES 35 per kilometer travelled.

Passenger-Centric Features

With the needs of Kenyan commuters at the forefront of its design, The Roam Move boasts an impressive array of features. Its interior comfortably accommodates 51 passengers, offering ergonomic seating, generous aisles, and a whisper-quiet ride. Not only does this enhance the passenger experience, but it also contributes to reducing noise pollution in densely populated urban areas. Furthermore, the bus is equipped with safety features, including collision avoidance systems, advanced driver assistance technology, and robust structural integrity, Roam says.

Setting it apart from the Roam Rapid

The Roam Move distinguishes itself from Roam’s other electric bus offering, the Roam Rapid, which is specifically designed for Africa’s Bus Rapid Transit system. While both buses share a commitment to sustainability, the Roam Move takes a different route, emphasizing passenger comfort, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

The unveiling of the Roam Move marks a watershed moment in Kenya’s transportation landscape. Roam has not only pushed the boundaries of innovation but has also set an example for local manufacturing and environmental sustainability.

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