Roam move electric shuttle bus unveiled in Nairobi 

By Stephen Macharia

Roam, a leader in electric mobility solutions, has set the wheels of progress in motion with the official launch of their Roam Move electric shuttle bus. This marks an exciting chapter in the company’s history as the Roam Move joins the Roam Rapid, their electric mass transit bus, in an eco-conscious commitment to revolutionize urban mobility.

The Roam Move is more than just another mode of transportation; it is a commitment to a greener, cleaner future for Kenya. This locally assembled electric shuttle bus is fronting a pilot program that promises to reshape the city’s transportation landscape. Roam’s vision of providing sustainable urban mobility solutions is now a reality, endorsed by a growing number of key partners.

Riara Schools, KBS Sacco, Virginia Coach, ZamZam Sacco, and Good Testimony Schools have all thrown their weight behind the Roam Move. By doing so, they are not just embracing a convenient transportation option but also becoming champions of a cleaner, more sustainable urban environment.

“We are thrilled to officially launch the Roam Move bus operation and introduce an innovative, sustainable transportation solution to the city of Nairobi,” declared Dennis Wakaba, Country Sales Executive at Roam. 

“Our mission is to enhance urban mobility while minimizing environmental impact, and the Roam Move is a prime example of that commitment. We believe this will revolutionize the way people travel within the city, making it more convenient and eco-friendly.”

Silent, Clean, and Spacious

The Roam Move makes a powerful statement in favour of the environment by operating solely on electricity. This means zero emissions, zero noise pollution, and a substantial reduction in the carbon footprint associated with urban transportation. Inside, passengers are treated to spacious and comfortable seating, complete with air conditioning for a pleasant journey.

Its electric motor ensures a quiet, noise-free experience, which benefits both passengers and the communities it serves. With a carrying capacity of 51 passengers and a range of 200 kilometres, the Roam Move is ready to meet the demands of urban commuters.

One of the Roam Move’s standout features is its low maintenance requirements, which are significantly lower than its diesel-run counterparts. This translates into a win-win situation: operational costs drop by up to 50%, while bus operators can maximize efficiency and minimize maintenance overheads. For everyday commuters, this means affordable and budget-friendly rides, making sustainable travel accessible to all.

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