ROAM and Mogo partner to promote the adoption of electric motorcycles in Kenya

By Timothy Albrite

ROAM, a Kenyan based electric mobility pioneer has partnered with Mogo Finance in a move that is expected to increase the adoption of electric motorcycles in Africa.

Mogo will make the motorcycles available through 20 in store locations across Kenya in a bid to make them accessible to the general public.

The financing package offered by Mogo Finance is designed to empower boda boda riders to transition to electric motorcycles. Not only does this initiative pave the way for a greener future, but it also promises significant financial benefits for riders. According to projections, boda boda riders who make the switch to electric motorcycles could potentially increase their daily earnings by 30%.

Mikael Gange, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of ROAM, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its potential to address pressing challenges faced by boda boda riders amidst skyrocketing petrol prices.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Mogo to tap into the expanding market of boda boda riders eager to transition to electric motorcycles amidst soaring petrol prices,” said Gange.

He emphasized ROAM’s commitment to providing the best and most affordable electric motorcycles to the market, with Mogo Finance serving as a crucial ally in accelerating this mission. “By leveraging Mogo’s expertise in asset financing, we’re able to offer flexible financing options that make sure customers save money on day one. At Roam, our mission is clear, we want to provide the best and most affordable electric motorcycle to the market and Mogo is a great partner in accelerating that mission.”

Roam’s electric motorcycles offer advanced features and a robust design tailored for various use cases, including personal commuting, cargo transportation, ride-sharing and taxi services.

Mogo will accelerate the deployment of these electric motorcycles, driving positive environmental and socio-economic impact in communities across Africa.

The accessibility of electric motorcycles in the country marks a significant step towards clean and sustainable mobility in Kenya. These motorcycles not only reduce carbon emissions, but also contribute to less noise in the streets.

The transition to electric motorcycles holds the potential to create new economic opportunities and improve livelihoods, particularly for boda boda riders who form a vital part of Kenya’s transportation ecosystem.

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