AA Kenya, NTSA & partners hold a free medical camp for School Bus Drivers

By Timothy Ongaya

AA Kenya, NTSA and several other partners came together to organize the Usalama Barabarani medical camp held on Saturday, March 2nd, 2024 at the Parklands Primary School in Nairobi.

The primary focus of this event was to enhance the road safety standards for school transport bus drivers within Nairobi County, ultimately ensuring the safety of school-going children.

Recognizing the crucial role that drivers play in safeguarding the well-being of school children during transit, the event included a comprehensive safety training and sensitization session conducted by the AA Training Institute. This training equipped the drivers with essential knowledge and skills vital for ensuring the safety of their young passengers.

Francis Theuri, the Group Managing Director of AA Kenya, highlighted AA Kenya’s commitment to elevating road safety standards. He underscored the organization’s extensive work in training programs focused on enhancing road safety, including defensive driving and specialized training for school bus and Matatu drivers. “We have trained more than 10,000 school bus drivers over the last few years, Matatu drivers as well,” he noted.

The GMD expressed enthusiasm for the event, stating, “Now, this is going to the next level, and we will do much more.” This dedication from AA Kenya reflects a shared commitment among stakeholders to continually improve road safety measures and ensure the well-being of all road users.

St. John’s Ambulance spearheaded a crucial aspect of the training by providing instruction on first aid techniques. This training aimed to empower drivers to administer immediate assistance in case of medical emergencies onboard, ensuring prompt care for the children under their watch.

In addition to the training, the drivers underwent thorough medical examinations, including tests for blood sugar levels, eyesight, and blood pressure. These assessments were crucial not only for ensuring the overall wellness of the drivers but also for guaranteeing their fitness to operate vehicles safely, especially when entrusted with the responsibility of transporting school children. George Njau, the Director-General of NTSA, emphasized the significance of assessing the medical and mental capabilities of drivers in ensuring optimal road safety standards.

Speaking on the event’s significance, George Njau reiterated NTSA’s commitment to a holistic approach in educating both children and school drivers, emphasizing it as a cornerstone of their strategic plan.

Dr. Manoj Shah, the Chairman of NTSA, underscored the importance of prioritizing the welfare of children using school transport. He expressed confidence that such initiatives would significantly contribute to enhancing road safety standards, with NTSA dedicated to collaborating with various partners and stakeholders towards this shared goal.

Looking ahead, NTSA announced plans to conduct similar camps in Nakuru County, Kisumu, Kericho, and the Coast, with the A104 highway as a primary target. The upcoming camp in Nakuru, scheduled within the next 30 days, reflects NTSA’s commitment to extending its efforts nationwide to foster a culture of road safety across the country.

With feedback from stakeholders shaping their approach, NTSA remains steadfast in its mission to promote road safety and protect the lives of all road users, particularly the vulnerable children who rely on school transport services.

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