EVC Throttle Controller: The gadget that alters vehicle performance without engine modifications  

By Stephen Macharia

For many motorists, adjusting the car’s throttle performance is a complicated process that involves altering manufacturer specifications. Many motorists shudder at the thought of installing a gadget that may damage other parts of the vehicle, especially the engine. 

This is why many overlook external gadgets meant to be installed in vehicles. Nobody wants to buy a device that may harm the vehicle. However, Ultimate 9, an Australian manufacturer of premium automotive accessories, is changing this perception.

The company launched operations in Kenya through a local dealer. And for the first time, vehicle owners can buy a gadget that tunes a vehicle’s throttle performance. 

Called the EVC Throttle Controller, the gadget allows motorists to alter throttle performance and unleash the full potential of the vehicle, improving drivability.  

According to Emma Mwongera, a representative of the Ultimate 9 in Kenya, the EVC Throttle Controller suits vehicles with electronic throttle.

“We do not cut any wires, open the engine, or do any alteration to your car. The EVC Throttle Controller is plugged into the vehicle accelerator cable. It does not harvest any power from your vehicle,” Emma told AutoNews Magazine in an interview.   

Mwongera explained that Throttle Controllers “provide new points of reference for your vehicle’s throttle mapping.” The gadget comes with nine driving modes ranging from Eco Mode used to subdue throttle performance to the ninth mode usually used for performance. 

They adjust throttle performance by either enhancing or reducing its response. This allows the driver to make the vehicle adapt to the road condition. 

“This modifies torque or power requests sent to the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU). While a driver on the highway may need enhanced throttle performance, another driver on rough terrain, or in muddy conditions, may need to reduce throttle performance for optimum performance,” she said. 

Mwongera is quick to add that the EVC Throttle Controller improves the power of the engine, including in small vehicles.

“It is meant to reduce the lag of the vehicle or increase it depending on the driving situation,” Mwongera added. 

She notes that the gadget works well in almost all vehicles with an electronic throttle. 

Emma Mwongera, Ultimate 9 representative in Kenya. Photo: Emma Mwongera

But because vehicles are fitted with factory pedal parameters, the EVC Throttle Controller does not change the pedal settings. The gadget works by electronically overriding the throttle parameters.  

When the Controller is set to Ultimate Mode, the gadget introduces an enhanced throttle performance that modifies the torque request sent through the ECU. This, in return, makes the throttle open at a faster rate. 

With a controller in Eco Mode, the base gadget setting, it subdues the throttle responses below default settings. It improves responses from the accelerator cable and awakens dormant engine power without boosting or changing any parts. 

She explains: “Installing this gadget is simple. You do not need a mechanic to do it for you. The EVC is a do-it-yourself plug-in gadget that takes under 10 minutes to have on the car.” 

Insisting on the safety of the EVC Throttle Controller, Mwongera told this writer that Ultimate 9 gives a lifetime replacement warranty. This is a stamp of confidence before making the purchase, says Mwongera.  

The device is compatible with other aftermarket performance modifications. Motorists with performance modes such as Dyno Tune, ECU Tune or Remap, and Power Chip can use the device. 

“The advantage of the Controller is its adaptability to existing driving conditions. If your vehicle overperforms under muddy terrain, a motorist can engage the gadget to subdue the throttle responses and gain more control of the vehicle. If your vehicle is powerful but has irritating lag before hitting optimal power range, the EVC Controller helps you increase the throttle responses,” Mwongera explained. She added that the Throttle Controller is made to suit a large range of vehicles. 

“Admittedly, our EVC Throttle Controllers are not meant to add top-end horsepower to your vehicle. However, it greatly improves your driving experience,” she told AutoNews Magazine. 

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