Do not learn safety by accident

By Moja Expressway Company Limited

All Kenyans should be concerned about road safety. At Moja Expressway Company Limited, the company in charge of overseeing the operation of the Nairobi Expressway is working with the Automobile Association of Kenya (AA Kenya) to make everyone’s safety a priority.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), global road traffic-related crashes claim over 1.35 million people each year. Kenya stands 12th in the WHO rankings for road accident deaths. The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) reports indicate that about 3,000 Kenyans die as a result of road crashes every year.

For over a century, AA Kenya has been advocating for road safety. On October 29, 2022, AA Kenya held their first annual Auto Clinic in collaboration with other mobility service providers.

The event was a success in terms of educating motorists on the importance of road safety. Participants had access to a variety of free services, including vehicle inspections, tyre training, auto insurance, vehicle maintenance advice, and auto financing information. In addition, all participants received free eye and ear exams.

The Moja Expressway Company took advantage of the opportunity to educate motorists on the advantages of using Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) as the preferred mode of payment on the toll road. We onboarded new drivers and helped motorists top up existing accounts.

Moja Expressway Company has taken the initiative to implement precautionary measures that protect not only motorists but also our employees. We have highly trained personnel known as the Road Asset and Corridor Management who patrol the Nairobi Expressway 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure motorist safety.

In addition, Moja Expressway has taken additional precautions. The management has strategically placed traffic officers along the Nairobi Expressway and at the toll booths. This is intended to deter motorists from committing traffic violations that could result in accidents.

The police officers may also administer Breathalyzer tests to road users in a bid to stem drunk driving. Further, Moja Expressway has installed necessary road signage to directly inform users of the appropriate speed limits on various sections. Speed bumps and rumble strips are also installed on the road to slow motorists as they approach Toll Stations, entrance and exit points.

We have collaborated with AA Kenya on a 6-month road safety campaign to educate motorists about road safety. The partnership includes general road safety precautions as well as comprehensive safety measures on the Nairobi Expressway. We provide an exciting experience for our users, but the preservation of human life always comes first.

Road safety is critical to the overall success of the Nairobi Expressway and Moja Expressway Company is eager to work with various industry stakeholders to address any emerging issues.


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