Digital Speed Limiters

Speed is one of the major reasons for accidents on Kenyan roads. Accidents involving your fleet of vehicles can be an expensive affair beginning from the legal tussles to the time it takes before you are indemnified by the insurance company.
A speed governor is a gadget that is used to limit vehicle top speeds making sure that drivers adhere to speed limits as well as lower the risk of accident involvement. In Kenya, the law requires certain classes of vehicles to install speed governors. They include trucks, school buses, and public service vehicles among others.VD2030 SPEED GOVERNOR
In Kenya digital speed governors are required to store data for up to 72 hours as per CMTE and Ks2295 specifications.
Some of the Speed Limiters in the market

Fuel Type Speed Limiter (DASS-86)
DASS-86 is a fuel-based electronic road speed limiter, which limits the top speed smoothly by gradually cutting off the fuel supply to the engine, once the maximum allowed speed limit is reached.

Electronic pedal interface type Speed Limiter (SAFEDRIVE)
This is an advanced Speed Limiter, which is most effective for vehicles with Electronic Engines and Accelerator pedal such as Scania, Mercedes Benz Trucks, and MAN. There is zero impact on vehicle with zero-moving parts and is Tamper-proof. This has specially designed connectors to avoid mistakes in connections. SAFEDRIVE is suitable for any vehicle with ECM’s.

AUTOCHECK (Speed Recorder)
The AUTOCHECK is a speed recording device, which monitors the functioning of speed limiter and also records the highest speed in each minute. This can record data continuously and store the data for up to72 hours. It can be used by authorities to ensure that there is no tampering to the speed limiters. This is particularly important in the event of an accident since the speed report can be used as evidence. It can keep recording even when the speed limiter malfunctions or is tampered with.

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