AA Kenya Karen branch wins Best of Karen Business Award in the Driving School category.

AA Kenya’s Karen branch has made a resounding mark in the esteemed Karen community, clinching a top reward at the Best of Karen Business Awards in the driving school category. Despite being just over a year old, the AA Kenya Karen branch has defied expectations, standing tall among esteemed contenders in this competitive domain.

Through an overwhelming show of support in the voting process, the community’s resounding endorsement propelled AA Kenya Karen to seize this coveted award, showcasing its rapid growth and remarkable commitment to excellence in driver training services within a remarkably short span of time.

Karen, known for housing high-profile residents and thriving businesses, witnessed the emergence of AA Kenya in the neighbourhood that swiftly captured the community’s trust and admiration in the provision of Mobility Services. The AA Kenya Karen branch, despite being new, quickly established itself as a hallmark of quality and proficiency in providing mobility services and driver training programs. This win not only celebrates the achievement but also underscores the community’s acknowledgment of AA Kenya’s exceptional contribution to the region’s educational and road safety landscape.

This award is a milestone for AA Kenya, signifying unwavering dedication and rapid growth. In the glory of this triumph, AA Kenya reinforces the promise to uphold excellence, marking just the beginning of what’s to come from this dynamic and promising branch of AA Kenya.

AA Kenya continues to grow the branch network in the country to make services available and accessible countrywide.

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