AA Kenya introduces oil and gas transporters training course

By Laban Nyaanga – Principal, AA Institute

AA Kenya Technical Training Institute has introduced training courses for Oil and Gas transporters in Kenya.

The introduction of this course marks another milestone in road safety initiatives by AA Kenya. Tailored to equip oil and gas transporters with road safety skills, the course is drawn from the Energy Act (2006) and Petroleum Act (2019).

This training seeks to empower oil and gas transporters with the necessary skills to avert dangers on the road. Government regulations require oil, gas and petroleum road transportation drivers to be licensed upon meeting minimum requirements including academic qualifications; health fitness; and prescribed minimum training requirements in road safety.

The Association has introduced this course amid the increased rate of road crashes accidents involving oil and gas tankers. AA Kenya appreciates the critical roles played by road tankers. However, we are concerned about increased road crashes involving oil, gas and petroleum transporters.

The institute has enough capacity to offer the course while the training encompasses all aspects of handling and transporting gas, oil, and petroleum. AA Kenya has trained the technical training team to deliver the approved curriculum.

We are working with other partners to impart these important skills to our clients. Road crashes involving oil and gas tankers are usually dangerous. When such crashes happen, there is always a risk of fire, usually exacerbated by responders who mill around the accident scene with intentions to siphon fuel.

To avert such risks, there is a need to have proper handling of the victims and any fire that may arise.

The course covers:

  • LPG and petroleum tanker road transportation hazards
  • Route surveys and planning
  • Overview of petroleum tanker driver requirements as per EPRA regulations
  • Causes of accident & accident statistics
  • Fatigue, drug and substance abuse
  • Highway Code and Traffic rules
  • Driver attitude and behaviour on the road
  • Manoeuvring and safe reversing
  • Truck basic inspections
  • Emergency response planning in case of a tanker accident

The training takes four days and is offered at the AA Kenya Embakasi Branch.


10 Replies to “AA Kenya introduces oil and gas transporters training course”

  1. I’m also interested in the course though it’s limited to drivers only.
    Since I’m not a driver and wish to be trained so that it may add an upper hand to me while applying for a petroleum attendant.
    Also Nairobi is far, any arrangements for online classes?
    Your feedback will be of great concern

    Thanks in advance.

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