December’s risks and emergency support services

By Timothy Albrite

“The month of December, rain or no-rain is historically characterized by mishaps. From traffic snarl-ups to road crash incidents, as a result of heightened travel”, says Fred Majiwa, the Head of Programs at St John Ambulance. This ideally means that there is an increased risk during this period. As a result of this, while people will be breaking for the holidays and traveling, St John ambulance will be alert and on standby to save lives and be the first responders in case of an accident.

Ensuring personal safety is crucial. Being alert and abiding by traffic regulations is paramount to arriving safe and enjoying your holidays.

A common sight witnessed in the aftermath of road crashes is untrained responders hastily attempting to extract casualties from wrecked vehicles. This hasty action, intended to assist, might inadvertently cause more harm.

Fred Majiwa reiterates the importance of having a professional first aider being the first responder in an accident. When the first person at a scene is not trained, it may lead to an increase and worsening of the damages caused. It is therefore imperative and safe to have a professional to not further increase the damages and save lives.

When in doubt in an accident scene, one can call St. John for guidance on first aid at no cost. Their expertise provides crucial assistance, aiding in handling emergencies until professional help arrives.

St. John Ambulance orchestrates a network of 30,000 skilled volunteers strategically positioned along highways’ blackspots for rapid emergency response. Utilizing a fleet of ambulances and strategically placed rescue centers, their primary objective centers on immediate aid delivery. The active 24/7 hotline, 0721225285, functions as a direct link to their emergency evacuation service, ensuring swift assistance during critical incidents.

Proficient in first aid, trained volunteers play a pivotal role in offering essential guidance at accident scenes, providing support to individuals with some knowledge but facing uncertainty amidst emergencies. St. John Ambulance prioritizes not only rapid response but also educates bystanders or trained first aiders who may have forgotten certain procedures and techniques, empowering them to offer effective initial assistance.

The key to handling such situations is readiness. This begins with making sure that your vehicle is equipped with a well-stocked first aid kit. Additionally, making sure that the vehicle is in top-notch condition ensures that the vehicle operates as it should reducing the risk of an accident. This also ensures that you do not get stuck on the road as a result of vehicle breakdown.

Amidst the heightened risks during December’s travel season, another essential emergency service stands ready to support motorists. AA Kenya, renowned for its roadside assistance, towing, and recovery services, will also be active round-the-clock to provide aid for both members and non-members.

With 24/7 availability, you are assured of swift and reliable assistance. This offers a safety net for those facing vehicle breakdowns or roadside emergencies. To access AA Towing & Rescue service, call 0709933000/ 999.

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