AA Kenya Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions

The Automobile Association of Kenya (AA Kenya) Fleet Management Solutions guarantee clients comprehensive and customized services in managing costs and optimizing utilization of vehicles and generators. Our offerings include the following;

a. Basic Tracking and Recovery

b. Fleet Management

c. Vehicle Fuel Management

d. Generator Fuel Management

e. Car Accessories

a. Basic Tracking and Recovery Features

This solution enables real time monitoring of vehicles via phone, laptop or an iPad.

The AA tracking and recovery solution provides the following features:

· Location

· Mileage

· Speed

· Battery function

AA has an experienced team that monitors the vehicles 24/7, giving clients peace of mind on the location and status of their fleet. Additionally, in the unfortunate event of vehicle theft, we have an experienced security team that liaises with law enforcement to ensure recovery of the vehicle.

b. Fleet Management

AA Fleet Management provides all capabilities of basic tracking and recovery listed above, and the following value add features:

· Driver Behavior Assessment – the system provides scores against certain parameters such as over speed, harsh braking, acceleration or turns and driving safety scores

· Geo-Fencing – ensures vehicles do not cross boundaries that are not allowed by the client, e.g. Nairobi County Boundaries

· Route Replays, ensuring that drivers use the correct routes

· Vehicle Diagnostics – alerts on battery voltage, coolant levels, engine temperature

· Driver identification

The system also has service reminders that provide alerts on:

· Oil changes

· Services reminders

· Insurance renewal

· Driver working hours schedules to help in shift management

AA Fleet Management creates efficiencies in vehicle maintenance and management, and promotes the right driver behavior on the road.

c. Fuel Management

With global fuel prices going up high, cost of fuel has become a daily concern. At AA

Kenya, we provide clients with a solution that enables real time monitoring of where, when and how much fuel is filled into the tank.

The AA Fuel Management solution provides the features listed in (a) and (b) above, as well as the following additional features:

· Re-filling detection

· Fuel consumption rate tracking

· Fuel theft detection

· Expected filling time alerts

· Engine consumption rate

· Vehicle utilization

The AA tracking devices get data directly from the vehicle movement against fuel used over a certain distance and this can be done over a period of a month thereafter give accurate consumption rate of the vehicle.

d. Generator Fuel Management

The AA generator monitoring software enables clients keep a virtual eye on their generators where on-site visits are not possible or practical. The AA Generator Fuel

Management Solution enables real-time monitoring of:

· Generator running hours

· Battery Voltage

· Fuel levels

e. Car Accessories

Additionally, AA provides clients with the following vehicle accessories and solutions:

· Car Alarms

· Radio Expanders

· Gear Locks

· Riveting

Prices for car accessories are based on client product preference, and therefore provided on a need-be-basis.

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